What They’re Saying About Dr. Norm’s Cookies

We think our CBD cookies are great.  But don’t just take our word for it.  Read what our happy customers say.

I believe in Dr. Norm’s!

For the past 2 years, I have suffered from Ulcerative colitis. I was on a pill known as (Lialda) and it did nothing for me I would feel bad and probably worst as I took it. I was in need of alternative medicine so I did my research and I came across Dr. Norms CBD cookies. I was skeptical at first to consume the medicine but I gave it a shot and ordered 3 bags of the peanut butter CBD cookies and wow I was glad I did within a few hours I started feeling my anxiety levels dropping the inflammation in my stomach started changing and overall my mood was stable and it also relieved the fear of the disease coming back. I would definitely recommend Dr. Norms CBD cookies to anyone suffering from any health condition because I believe in this medicine. Thank You Dr. Norm’s!

—  Ramiro M.

Dr. Norms CBD Cookies: 100% Pure CBD Cookies That Taste Amazing!

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Best CBD ever!

I have been dealing with chronic pain for 2 1/2 years. Have tried it all physical therapy, pain management, chiropractor, and heavy duty medications and other CBD edibles, drops,oils and vape. Nothing as good as these cookies not only do 2 cookies get me through my day but they also are delicious. I have finally found something that works. I totally recommend these! I also tried the CBD with THC cookies and I take 1 cookie at bedtime and I sleep like a baby. Thank you for helping me with my pain!?

—  MMiller47

The perfect pre and post workout snack.

“Ok, listen, hear me out. These cookies are the reason why Im losing weight. Amongst a lot of other things, but the THC cookies are how I start my morning, I feed my dog and eat a cookie. My run is stronger, im focused, I can run longer and I dont even mind. I was never able to do it until I started using the cookies as a preworkout and not just a morning snack. After my run I eat a CBD cookie, I shower and then stretch, and it really just sets my mind and my day, and then im able to have a great day. I freaking love these things. They are perfectly dosed for me, one cookie for everything, and if I want to add weightlifting I just eat two cookies. These cute little unassuming cookie are delicious, they are crunchy and a little chewy in the center. This is a great way to incorporate a little bit of cannabis to your daily workouts!”

—  Ashantae S.

I can finally sleep

“I am a retired Army National Guard Officer and had 3 tours of active combat in Afghanistan.  I am currently being treated for PTSD.  After eating 2 of your cookies, on the first night, I was able to sleep through the whole night, and for the first time in 7 years, I did not have a nightmare”

—  Chris

Thank you for helping w/ the anxiety!

“My daughter has had anxiety the last year. It was progressively getting worse with the coping methods not working as well over time. We’ve been avoiding prescription drugs but that was the next route. I was introed to Norms products this summer by a friend and bought a cbd only vegan bag to try with my daughter. She tried 1/2 the first day and nothing changed but on day 2 with a full cbd cookie she was so much more like her old self. Motivation levels were up and she’s less anxious in public. Thank you again, it’s really been an amazing help!”

—  Tom C.

Best CBD Cookies On The Market

“For the last 5 years, I have been suffering from severe chronic nerve pain in both my back and legs. I am on 3 different daily medications that help, but do not fully address the problem. As a supplement to these medications, I frequently have to take Tylenol and Advil, often at three-hour intervals. If that does not bring the pain down to tolerable levels, I have to resort to taking opiates. Approximately a year and a half ago, I started looking in to Cannabis products – mainly CBDs. I started with CBD Tinctures, Vape Pens, and took a variety of different oral medications with varying ratios of CBD to THC. None of them produces significant relief or allowed me to cut back on the over the counter medications or the opiates. At this point, a good friend suggested I try Dr. Norm’s CBD Cookies. I started by buying a 30 day supply and taking one cookie every morning. After a couple weeks of taking Dr. Norm’s I noticed I required less Tylenol and Advil, and also experienced a reduction in my opiate use. I feel that Dr. Norm’s worked better than other CBD products due to the quality and integrity of the company, as well as the quality of the CBD used. If you suffer from chronic pain of any sort, I highly recommend trying Dr. Norm’s Cookies. You won’t be sorry.”

—  Calabasas

Dr Norms CBD Changed My Life (for the best!)

“I have had crippling migraines for years and tried everything from over the counter remedies to changes in my diet and all kinds of prescription medications. Nothing ever helped relive the pain and intensity of my headaches which at times were so debilitating that I couldn’t get out of bed. I tried Dr Norm’s CBD cookies a few months ago and it has absolutely changed my life. When I feel a migraine coming on now, I eat one (delicious) Dr Norms 15 mg CBD cookie and it completely resolves the pain so I am able to go about my day or it allows me to get a great night sleep. I don’t know how it works but I am so grateful it does! Thank you Dr Norms!”

—  Coco C.

Dr. Norm’s has hands down THE BEST edibles around!

“Easily the most consistent and delicious edible on the market. I also got my mom, who just had a 4 vertebrae spinal fusion (yes, it was as awful as it sounds) a few packages of the CBD cookies and they’re the only thing that allow her a good night’s sleep without all the icky side-effects of opiates that leave you useless.”

—  Sullivas

Best edible

“These cookies are the best. I love the dosing and the taste is even better. Everyone should try this cookie. I tried it once now its the only one i buy.”

—  A. Salazar

These turned me into the Cookie Monster

“I absolutely adore these delicious little cookies! I wish I could eat the whole bag!!! Not only are they tasty, but they help with some symptoms of my depression! Balanced with my medication I’ve found a great combo to keep me going! This is the only Doctor I’m not trying to keep away!”

—  N.S.


“Dr. Norms cookies have helped my back pain like no other I’ve tried! Nothing works like Dr. Norms!! They not only taste great but my pain is GONE. Thank you Dr. Norms for creating these incredible edibles.”

—  Jan M.

Best tasting cookies

“I cannot get over the way these cookies tastes. Aside of them being vegan and rich in CBD, the flavor is what does it for me. I highly recommend this product.”

—  B. Marley

Best cookies in the world

“These cookies are amazing for multiple reasons. First of all they work perfectly in 30 minutes. Second they taste like regular cookies my grandmother used to make. Every shop ever should carry these cookies and always have them in stock.”

—  Teddy D.

Loving dr norms

“The dr norms cookies are loved by all the seniors here at palm desert county club Everyone is using them at bedtime for a sound sleep. AMAZING”

—  Teddy G.


“I’d never had edibles until now! I was in a car accident in March…a friend gave me CBD cookies to try for the pain and it WORKED!!! I loved the cookies!! Great taste/flavor “{Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip” DELICIOUS!! Thank you Cosmo :)) wink wink”

—  Chylot

Great for relaxation!

“I love the CBD cookies! I use them all the time to relax, and they’re great for period cramps. I love how I can just grab the bag and go. Great for traveling & they taste yummy too!”

—  Talia T.

The best there is…

“I’ve tried every edible and cookie out there…these are without a doubt the new standard in both CBD & THC cookies. The taste is the main thing, these are just REALLY GOOD COOKIES. I have had both varieties and they are exceptional in both areas.”

—  B.M.


“I discovered Dr Norms CBD cookies recently at MedMen near LAX. I struggled with chronic hip and joint pain. I can finally sleep through the night without pain in my joints and wake up feeling refreshed and young. Thank you for your products!”

—  Rich H.

The best edibles hands down!

“I am really picky with my edibles. I don’t really like the weed taste in most of them, but Dr. Norms tastes exactly like a stellar chocolate chip cookie. They are some of the best cookies period! The CBD cookie made me feel really relaxed with just 15 mg. I recommend this brand for first timers as well as experienced foodies who want something delicious as well as potent.”

—  Deitii

Love this cookies !!

“After having my knee surgery, the pain on my whole leg has been daily, my good friend Maricella recommended me Dr Norms cookies, besides tasting good they have helped me so much to get rid of the pain, I m really happy to have found something that really helps my pain and so easy to take, this cookies are my favorite snack! Thank you Dr Notms”

—  Terrsa M.

So helpful

“I am 83 years old and feeling the effects of hepatitis C contracted years ago in a blood transfusion. Dr. Norm’s cookies significantly reduced the intensity of nausea and dizziness that I have 24/7 due to my illness. I would highly recommend them for anyone with symptoms needing help. Thanks!”

—  Elinor L.

Unbelievably Scrumptious!

“I have been blown away with the taste of Dr. Norm’s. This is a cookie that I would eat even without the THC or CBD. I really like taking one or two of the CBD Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies in the morning before work and they really help give me a boost in mood and focus. I have been so productive since I found these. Thanks Doc!!!”

—  Rolla J.

Great taste!

“Not a big fan of cookie edibles, but these have such great taste, definitely could eat the whole bag! Thanks for providing such a delicious tasty edible treat, with comprehensive dosage, very effective with no after-taste.”

—  Sista Eyerie

So Delicious

“Had to wonderful opportunity to try the super delicious peanut butter CBD cookies I just could not stop eating them”

—  Art

A Yummy Medicinal Treat

“I’ve struggled with back pain caused by muscle tightness and skeletal misalignment for years. Dr. Norm’s CBD Cookies help to relieve my symptoms and these delicious treats are the best way to begin my stretching/massage routine, allowing me to work deeper and find long-term relief. After sampling a bag of each the chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies, my fiance and I had to share these with our family and friends. We are offering them as party-favors to our guests at our wedding on 4/20 – a THC-free treat that every adult can enjoy.”

—  Thomas L.