From the very start, we made a commitment to make the very best tasting edible on the market! Before we launched, we heard from many that didn’t like edibles because they tasted like plants or medicine. We believed we could be the first to make a GREAT tasting edible by creating products with as little medicine taste as possible!

We did this in two ways:

First, we used the highest quality, best tasting, REAL ingredients in our cookies. Real butter, pure vanilla extract, etc. Our experience in the traditional cookie business taught us that taste is the key to a successful product!

We took our commitment to ingredients one step further and decided to produce a Vegan cookie.  None of our ingredients in our Peanut Butter Chocolate Therapy cookies come from animals.

Second, and just as important to our goal, was to make an edible that didn’t have a harsh medicine taste. We achieve this by infusing our products with 99.9% pure CBD isolate.  Our R&D showed us that 15mg was the optimal dosage of pure CBD per cookie.  You receive the full benefit of the medicine, but can hardly taste it!

One of our mantras has always been “Taste the cookie not the medicine!”

Our commitment to make only delicious products that keeps customers satisfied and coming back for more is unwavering, no matter what it costs to do it.

Bite Size Cookies for the Perfect Dose

Bite size CBD cookies

The thing that drew us to the “minis” (our bite-sized cookie) concept was very much dose-related. We learned that a perfectly dosed mini-cookie was a much more efficient delivery vehicle than a high potency cookie or brownie with which you’d have to break off a piece to estimate your dose. Why have to guess how much you need of a multi-serving cookie! By creating accurately dosed minis, we help patients eliminate the guesswork.

And they are only 40 calories per cookie!!!

Our commitment to providing an excellent tasting cookie that happens to also deliver medicine has been recognized and rewarded.  We have been nominated for and won a string of awards for best edible products.  We were even named the best edibles company of Southern California by Dope magazine.

Dr. Norm’s Cookies Are Award Winning

Dope 2017 Best Edibles Company
Best Cookie First Place
Best CBD Edible first place
Best Vegan Edible first place