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    Hand Sanitizer

    Our manufacturing partner has literally moved mountains to produce high quality Hand Sanitizer - and we have it available now. This product is made in accordance with the specifications of the World Health Organization and contains 69% ethyl alcohol. We are offering a two-bottle and four-bottle set, each bottle containing 100ml.
  • Dr. Norm’s lightweight, non-greasy Instant Freeze Relief Rub is infused with 500mg of organic, hemp-derived CBD. We’ve also added in menthol – a soothing ingredient to provide instant cooling yet long lasting relief for sore muscles and joints. Infused with multiple botanical ingredients, our Instant Freeze Relief Rub is designed to give you a fast-acting yet natural remedy for muscle aches and discomfort.
  • Pain Relief Roll On Gel with CBD delivers convenience and targeted, soothing comfort. Many of our customers have been requesting a roll-on product for muscle relief. This product delivers on that convenience with 500mg of organic, hemp-derived CBD in a roll-on application. Our smaller size enables you to keep it in your purse or pocket so you have it when you need it. Formulated with natural botanicals for maximum efficacy, our Roll-On Gel will soothe your tired, achy muscles and joints.
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    Muscle Relief Creme

    Tired of aches and pains? Dr. Norm’s lightweight, non-greasy Muscle Relief Creme is infused with 300mg of organic hemp-derived CBD. We’ve also added in Arnica, Essential Oils and Menthol – providing long lasting relief for achy muscles and joints.
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