Wellness CBD Gummies

Enjoy the many benefits of organic hemp-derived CBD in a convenient, bite-sized, delicious treat!

Our gummies are packed with flavor with no “medicine” taste!

Each gummy is infused with our highest quality, pure organic hemp oil extract. 10mg of CBD per gummy.

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Wellness Tincture CBD Oil

Wellness CBD Tincture

Dr. Norm’s tincture line contains a powerful balance of nature and natural ingredients. Our tinctures are blended with organic, broad spectrum, whole plant CBD oil.

This tincture is vegan and gluten free! 1200mg of pure CBD Isolate infused into 30ml of peppermint-flavored, fractionated coconut oil. One dropper full contains 40mg of CBD.

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Sleep Tincture CBD Oil

Sleep CBD Tincture

Our Sleep Tincture is designed to be included in your bed time routine to help you sleep better for longer.

It contains 600mg of pure CBD Isolate infused into 30ml of peppermint-flavored, fractionated coconut oil.

One dropper full contains 20mg of CBD and 5mg of Melatonin to aid with sleep.

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About Dr. Norm’s Wellness

Welcome to Dr. Norm’s Wellness, and our expanded line of CBD products, designed to help you live a healthier lifestyle.

You may notice that we’re not just about CBD cookies anymore! While our cookies put us on the health and wellness map, we knew that they were just the beginning of Dr. Norm’s becoming a full-scale, multi-product company serving the growing needs of our dedicated CBD community.

We’ve heard feedback from many of our customers about how our CBD cookies have provided them relief from a wide variety of ailments. These real-world customer experiences have shown us the awesome potential CBD possesses to promote your health and wellness, and the well-being of your family, friends and furry pets alike!

More than Cookies

We understand that many people need increased doses of CBD, and some might have improved benefits from CBD taken in various other forms like sublingual tinctures, topicals, vaping, gummies and more.

This understanding has driven us to develop an expanded line of superior quality CBD products – with formulations you can trust for accuracy, purity, flavor and best practices in manufacturing.

Know your dose

Download Our Free Worksheet

We have a worksheet that will help you track your CBD dosage and the effects you feel. This way, you will know your dose and can enjoy all the therapeutic benefits of CBD

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