We strive to enhance people’s every day lives … and provide a little fun too

Our Story

We started the company in honor of our dad, the real Dr. Norm Koz.  He was a beloved M.D. who gave special old-school care to every patient.

Dr. Norm’s was founded by the brother-sister team of Jeff Koz and Roberta Wilson.

The idea for Dr. Norm’s came from our experience in the traditional cookie industry.  We started a company seven years ago in honor of our Mom.  She spread love through her cookies and felt they were the best prescription for all that ails.  In fact, our cookies are based on her original secret recipe.

That cookie became the successful product behind the Audrey’s Cookies brand, which is featured in Whole Foods, Sprouts, Stater Brothers, Gelson’s, Costco and more.

We took the success we had with our Audrey’s Cookies brand and brought it to the CBD edibles market.  We saw an opportunity to create a cookie that delivered a safe, delicious, and reliable experience every time.

Dr. Norm Koz

Dr. Norm Koz

Dr. Norm was our dad. He was a trusted M.D. with a sweet and gentle bedside manner, but he also often flashed a wicked sense of humor, cracking jokes that left his patients in tears—of joy! Starting in middle school, the three of us kids “worked” in his office, where we learned not only about compassionate care, but about how laughter is actually the best medicine.

Mrs. Audrey Koz

Mrs. Audrey Koz

Mom was also a medical professional, employed at the hospital as a pharmacist. They were two peas in a pod, helping people get better. They both passed on over 10 years ago, but each day we’re still learning how valuable the lessons they taught us were.  We learned something else from Mom. A “magician” in the kitchen, Mom’s famous chocolate chip cookies delighted Dr. Norm.

Mom had a heaping pile of mouthwatering cookies wherever she went, and gave them to everyone she met—even strangers! She actually used cookies as a way to connect with people. Between our two parents, we learned how to be light-hearted and principled, and always sharing. And though we didn’t know how to express it, we knew the value of Mom’s secret, enchanted cookie recipe.

Which is what we want to share with you. We believe in the healing power of high-quality hemp. We think it helps people get better in the same way Dr. Norm helped people mend. And we firmly believe in flavor of Mom’s cookies. These things were gifts that we were given, and we felt privileged to have them. But until now we could only share them with our close friends and ourselves.

So one day at breakfast, we had the bright idea to bring these gifts to the world. Blending together Mom’s cookies with Dr. Norm’s mirth, we baked and baked until it was perfect. We figured out the best natural ingredients, because we know you care about what you put inside you. The kitchen was full of laughter, and we might have even had a flour fight or two. Now, you might think it’s crazy that a brother and sister (our other brother is a silent partner) would team up, hunker down in the kitchen, and craft hemp edibles in the name of their parents. But if you knew us, you’d know that that’s the type of people we are: hardworking, funny, caring folks that just want to give a little something back in the way our Mom and Dr. Norm did.

But we’re also sensible folks, which is why we’re sticklers about dosage. We want to educate people about responsible dosage as part-and-parcel with our cookies. “KNOW YOUR DOSE” is one of our mantras. (We are the children of medical professionals after all.) Never mix edibles with alcohol or any other controlled substances. And while we understand the cookies taste amazing, always be aware of what you can handle. Start with a small amount so you can learn how your body reacts to hemp edibles—it’s better to be safe than sorry. We’ll have dosage information on all of our packaging, ensuring you’ll have the best, safest time with Dr. Norm’s cookies.

So Dr. Norm’s cookies go out to them. These cookies are the sum total of what our parents were all about: delicious, having medicinal and therapeutic qualities, philanthropic, and hopefully the catalyst for a funny-as-hell time. We can’t wait until you get them into your mouth, and experience what we’ve known our whole lives. We already have a loyal following of Dr. Norm’s cookieheads, and we can’t wait for you to join them.

Dr. Norm's wants you to know your dose

Know Your Dose™

We want to change the perception of edibles in the CBD space by promoting our mantra, “Know Your Dose!” Our commitment to delivering delectable, bite-sized and consistently dosed products allows patients to learn what dosage is perfect for them – ensuring an optimal experience every time. Education is key!

Taste the Cookie, not the Medicine

We strive to make products with as little taste of CBD medicine as possible. This can only be achieved by using the purest and finest CBD distillate. While this costs more, our mission is to make only delicious products, so the expense is worth it!

We honor the legacy of our Dad, the original Dr. Norm, by caring for the well-being of patients. We imbue his healing powers, personable and caring ways, and great sense of humor in all that we do.

As Dr. Norm did, we treat people like family!