100% Pure CBD Cookies That Taste Amazing!

Dr. Norm’s CBD cookies combine our Mom’s famous recipe with the healing spirit of our Dad, Dr. Norm. Our delectable, bite-sized cookies are infused with only pure, medical-grade plant extracts. This enables us to deliver powerful and effective medication in a cookie that tastes absolutely amazing!

Delectable bite size CBD cookies

What’s in the cookie jar?

Dr. Norm’s CBD is 100% Natural, 99.9% pure and contains 0.0% THC. 

Dr. Norm’s Cookies Are Loved By Everyone

Dope 2017 Best Edibles Company
Best Cookie First Place
Best CBD Edible first place
Best Vegan Edible first place

After having my knee surgery, the pain on my whole leg has been daily.  My good friend Maricella recommended Dr Norms cookies.  Besides tasting good, they have helped me so much to get rid of the pain.  I’m really happy to have found something that really helps my pain and so easy to take.  These cookies are my favorite snacks!  Thank you Dr Norms!

TerrsaM, Love these cookies!!

The Dr Norms cookies are loved by all the seniors here at palm desert county club.  Everyone is using them at bedtime for a sound sleep.  AMAZING!

Teddygoog, Loving Dr Norms

Aside from the awesome medicinal / recreational benefits, Dr Norms cookies have, the amazing flavor and freshly baked quality really heals my soul.  The doses are purely perfect for me and offer a mellow transcending vibe without taking over like other edibles.  I am a customer for life and tell everybody to pick some up because I won’t share mine!

BananaBros420, Best cookie ever!

My daughter has had anxiety the last year.  It was progressively getting worse with the coping methods not working as well over time.  We’ve been avoiding prescription drugs but that was the next route.  I was introduced to Dr Norms products this summer by a friend and bought a CBD only vegan bag to try with my daughter.  She tried 1/2 the first day and nothing changed but on day 2 with a full CBD cookie, she was so much more like her old self.  Motivation levels were up and she’s less anxious in public.  Thank you again, it really been an amazing help!

Tom Calvaras, Thank you for help with the anxiety!

After my car accident, a friend gave me your CBD cookies for pain and IT WORKED!!!


My aunt’s pain is able to melt away and she can sleep through the night.

Regina Nohelani

The best vegan CBD cookie in the industry!


I had to be careful not to eat the whole bag!


For someone who does not want to go the Pharma route – with Opioid pain meds – these cookies are a God-send!

SP Koelle
Dr. Norm's wants you to know your dose

Know Your Dose™

We want to change the perception of edibles in the CBD space by promoting our mantra, “Know Your Dose!” Our commitment to delivering delectable, bite-sized and consistently dosed products allows patients to learn what dosage is perfect for them – ensuring an optimal experience every time. Education is key!

Taste the Cookie, not the Medicine

We strive to make products with as little taste of CBD medicine as possible. This can only be achieved by using the purest and finest CBD distillate. While this costs more, our mission is to make only delicious products, so the expense is worth it!

We honor the legacy of our Dad, the original Dr. Norm, by caring for the well-being of patients. We imbue his healing powers, personable and caring ways, and great sense of humor in all that we do.

As Dr. Norm did, we treat people like family!

We strive to enhance people’s every day lives … and provide a little fun too

What is a CBD cookie?

Pile of delicious Dr. Norm's CBD cookies

A CBD cookie is a delicious way to take advantage of the many benefits provided by CBD.  CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a chemical found in hemp plants. Unlike THC, CBD is non-psychoactive, meaning it doesn’t get you high.

It does, however, produce significant changes in your body and is known to have numerous medicinal benefits. CBD has helped patients with chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety, insomnia, and arthritis, to name a few.  Our Certificate of Analysis is provided so you can see exactly what our cookies contain, and more importantly, what they don’t contain – THC, pesticides, or other contaminants.

Click here to download the full certificate of analysis report.